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HOA Addresses?

Email went along, sang their songs, played their games, went insane.  Where oh where do we go from here.

Well here’s one way to go. 

HOA.COM read some of what these big companies are doing to us and we’re all laying down except for a few.

HOA is a way around something that is so big it can’t be stopped it can only be avoided.

HOA says if you want to avoid them, you can’t play their game.

So to start with everybody on the web has an ISP with an account for them with an email address to send and receive email.

At that level there are government restritctions on them, not like the Google, MS, Apple and many others with little or no restrictions on what they do or take from you through your communications.

So, HOA’s concept is that if you join HOA your name and information is not being sold or shared and at the same time basically opt out of all of the snooping and spying of our lives.

Because, your communications won’t be going thru them unless you send it to them.

Here’s how it works, you secure a name at hoa.com which gives you and email address that is forwarded to you ISP.

So, the only way that email could have been read if it is being sent to one of those companies.


Own your own life.

It’s your choice.

Join the club and let’s fight back.


The easier an email address is to remember the more valuable it is to you.  Everyone will remember HOA.com.

Email forwarding generically refers to the operation of re-sending a message delivered to one  address on to a possibly different address. The term forwarding has no specific technical meaning.