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Are your Email Messages Secure and Private?

Not Really!

Free email providers (you know who they are) allow their advertisers and others to “mine” your messages for all kinds of things like your personal beliefs, shopping habits, contacts, almost anything they can gather from you.

What do they do with it?

They allow marketers and others to use that information to sell you stuff or to use your views to influence your actions and opinions.

This has been in the news recently.

In fact, one of them just was fined over $5 Billion dollars for not respecting your privacy in the European Union. They do the same all over the world of course.

What is safe and non intrusive?

Use your paid for ISP who you connect your modem through to get you on the internet.

The downside is the very long email address they provide you.

The upside is you change your ISP for a better price and not change your HOA email addresss.  We would just forward it to your new ISP.

What Can You Do?

You can get your own personal email address from HOA.com.

HOA does not allow anyone to mine our email messages, because we don’t have any, all mail to us is forwarded to you, so we charge a small annual fee.

Easy to write and easy to remember i.e. Johnsmith@hoa.com.

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