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Here's a Better Way to Calculate the True Rent vs. Buy Costs #Homebuyers #RealEstate #FirstTimeBuyer #HomeLoan #Mortgage

In my last commentary, I wrote about the misleading math behind the rent vs. buy calculation. My main point was that focusing on the direct, total monthly costs of renting vs. buying misses the important fact that a significant portion of every mortgage payment goes toward the principal balance, building equity for the homeowner.

That principal payment is really a forced savings program which grows over time. And that’s a key reason why homeowners on average have much more accumulated wealth than renters.

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California Dream Homes: Sheer Beauty and Stunning Designs For Your Inspiration #Homebuyers #RealEstate #FirstTimeBuyer #HomeLoan #DreamHome

California has been long known as “the land of milk and honey”. It’s where you go in search for great weather all year round. It’s where you indulge into divine tasting foods, even more stunning wines and all sorts of other delicacies. But there’s more to the Golden State than Silicon Valley, Hollywood and those amazing yellow poppies fields that leave you in awe. Every corner you turn, you feel inspired. For some it’s business, but for others, and that includes us at Decoist, it is the design that strikes you.

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Thinking Different? 2 Must-See Modern Marvels for Sale in Venice

Creative, modern minds demand something other than cookie-cutter tract homes. And with so many creative types in Southern California, there has to be a buyer who desires to be truly different.

Artist and designer Mario Romano is looking for a creative soul to buy into his distinctive vision. Romano’s been busy disrupting architectural norms in Venice, CA, and creating one-of-a-kind homes.

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Best And Worst Advice For Buying A Home From People Who Have Done It Before

From trusting your gut to buying a foreclosure, here are 8 real estate tips these buyers will never, ever forget.

Asking for home-buying advice is a little like asking for parenting tips. You’ll probably get some really good (and some really bad) suggestions. But when you’re scoping out homes for sale in Austin, TX, or Fort Lauderdale, FL, how can you tell the difference? And when should you trust your own instincts instead? Here’s a peek at some of the best and worst advice homebuyers have received about real estate — and what the experts think of it.

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Which Type of Mortgage Is Right for You? A Guide for Home Buyers

Need a mortgage to buy a home? Oh course you do! So you’ll want to consider carefully which type of mortgage is right for you. That’s right, you have options! And it’s important to choose a home loan that best suits your financial circumstances, because it can save you major money and make sure those payments will likely remain within your financial reach.

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Modern Eichler Renovations

Scattered throughout California, these homes of midcentury master Joseph Eichler received sensitive renovations that further enhance his vision of indoor-outdoor balance.

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This Is What a Millennial's Dream House Looks Like in Real Life

Millennials represent a powerful slice of the marketplace, and the real estate industry is taking notice. A research study on millennials conducted by Builder magazine and TRI Pointe Group found some surprising demographic insightsPardee Homes put the study's findings to use, building millennium-focused Responsive Homes designed to meet the unique needs of those born from the early 1980s to the early 2000s.

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Southern California home prices jump and sales fall

Southern California home prices jumped in December, reaching the highest level in more than nine years.

An improving economy and a shortage of homes for sale propelled prices up 6.8% from a year earlier, real estate data firm CoreLogic said Tuesday. December’s median price of $470,000 was up 1.1% from a month earlier.

How To Save For A Down Payment (And Still Live Your Best Life)

Having a full down payment ready to go can help you get the mortgage you want, secure a better interest rate, make your offer on a property more appealing to sellers, and avoid private mortgage insurance (PMI) costs. But there’s just one problem: Saving for a down payment can feel like an impossible goal, since 20% of the typical home’s purchase price is a large sum of money!

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Someone to Speak for Borrowers in Trouble

AS she leafed through her client’s mortgage papers, the housing loan counselor just shook her head.

The numbers and interest rates and payment schedules formed such a familiar, dispiriting picture. The 32-year-old man who was sitting across the desk from her said he had been persuaded to take out an adjustable rate mortgage called an option ARM when he bought his home, the first he has owned. The terms of the loan put him in danger of joining millions of people dragged under by the mortgage crisis that has washed through towns and cities across the country.

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Buying a Home in 2017? These 5 Things Could Jeopardize Your Mortgage

Shockingly, enough people still do things that can cause themselves heartache when applying for mortgages. Here’s what you need to know if you’re thinking about buying a home in 2017.

Your ability to buy a home rests on the numbers and documentation your mortgage lender has. If there is a change to any of these, your chances of buying a home can be jeopardized. This means that when there is a change to your credit, debit, income assets, or job during the escrow process, you might not be able to buy that house and you’ll risk losing your money. Here are five things to watch out for.