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Finally, an email provider that puts your security first

An email address from HOA is a vanity email with purpose. Not only does your address offer the best in protection for your personal data, the simple, three letter address is truly unforgettable. Only $ 19.95 per year.

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Why HOA?

It’s widely known that major free email providers regularly read your emails, mining your private data to sell to targeted advertisers.  At HOA, we put your security first.  Your emails are completely protected from third-parties, making your personal information yours to keep.

  • Reliable protection from third-party organizations looking to mine and sell your private information
  • Secured with Transport Layer Security Protocol 1.2, an industry standard protocol built to protect the privacy of information communicated over the Internet
  • Secure email-forwarding that you can access from you favorite apps and email services.
  • Fully customizable addresses, perfect for adding you name, initials, business title, company name or city.
  • A short easy to spell email that eliminates the risk of customers. friends and family sending private information to the wrong email address.
  • One address for the rest of your life, no matter how may times you change internet providers.

Get the short, quick and easy to remember address you’ve always wanted, complete with iron-clad security for all of you personal communications.

We believe that only you should decide what happens with your personal information. Don’t you agree?

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